Domestic Heating Design by Distance Learning

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The Domestic Heating Design Course is based on the CIBSE Domestic Heating Design Guide, written mainly by IDHEE Members.  The IDHEE distance learning version of the course comprises the following:


  1. Self-Study Modules x 11 – each ending with a marked assessment (toward the final certificate)
  2. Attended Tutorials x 2 – following module six and a revision tutorial prior to examination 
  3. Written Exam* x 1 – attended system design examination (3½ hours) following revision tutorial

You will receive the following course materials:

  1. Domestic Heating Design Guide
  2. Study Notes for the Domestic Heating Design Course
  3. Tutor Assessments

* If you have enough prior knowledge you may take the exam without doing the course.

Schedule the Written Examination Here.