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Gas and Oil Central Heating Boilers – Advice to householders
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Dispelling the myths about condensing boilers.

A paper by Philip Shannon, past president of the IDHEE, on noxious flue gases. Why it is important to employ qualified engineers when installing and maintaining gas and oil fired appliances.

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Buying a Heating System.

The expenditure on a heating system is a considerable investment, you will want to make sure you are getting what you need and a system that meets the best environmental standards with the lowest running costs.

The quotation. The institute recommends that you get at least three quotations, this may seem a lengthy process but remember, your heating system will last 10-15 years if installed properly and the initial cost will only be a fraction of the running cost over this period.

Who to get to quote. Use a professional. Members of the Institute are uniquely qualified to install a system designed to your needs, the Institute also has a code of practice that determines our members behaviour, ensuring that your system will give years of trouble free service. Other Organizations to contact include: The Energy Saving Trust and the Heating & Hotwater Information Council, both have networks of installers.

SEDBUK The seasonally adjusted boiler efficiency figures are available on the internet, these tell you just how efficient different makes of boilers are, don’t buy without checking here first.

Gas safety. All installers working with gas are required, by law, to be registered with GasSafe, the register of gas installers, please ensure for your own safety that any person providing a quotation for gas installations has the appropriate qualification and carries an ID card to prove this. But just remember that GasSafe registration is only for gas safety; it isnot a heating qualification.

Buying a Heating System.

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