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For many years, IDHEE has been the leading voice promoting the importance of heating design. As Britain adopts environmental technologies such as Condensing Boilers, Smart Heating systems and Renewable Heating (Biomass, Heat Pumps and Solar), the need to get the design right increases.

Our standard offering is a heating design course based on the Domestic Heating Design Guide (may be ordered from the Shop). This can be delivered via correspondence or on-site/training centre over 3 days. Our tutors are available to support the process via video or conference call and this direct support proves very useful in supporting students.

We also support improving a student’s maths and surveying skills. Typically, we find that young people often struggle to know which U-value to select and that for many students, their maths can be a bit rusty so assist them to practice basic maths based on simple equations using the BIDMAS system that defines the order in which mathematical operations are carried out.

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For example: What is the value of x if x = 5 + 12 * 6
A student may be tempted to add 12 to the 5 then multiply by 6, giving 102. This is incorrect as multiplication must always be carried out before addition. The correct answer is 77.

The correct method is to apply BIDMAS which defines the order in which mathematical operations are carried out.
Brackets (parenthesis) first, then Indices (powers or roots), Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction
This support is not part of a heating design course but we make sure that all our students have the skills required to pass the assessment.

A typical use for BIDMAS is with the equation for finding the U-Value for a non rectangular/square floor shape.
The example dimensions used here are for a semi-circular floor of 3m radius.
e.g. Ufloor = 0.05 + (1.65 x (P/A)) – (0.6 x ((P/A)2))
where P is the heatloss perimeter and A is the area of the floor. For this example assume P is 9.5m, and A is 14m2

Starting with the innermost brackets then working outwards.

0.05 + (1.65 x (P/A)) (0.6 x ((P/A)2))
0.05 + (1.65 x (9.5/14)) (0.6 x ((9.5/14)2))
0.05 + (1.65 x 0.679) (0.6 x (0.6792))
0.05 + (1.65 x 0.679) (0.6 x 0.46)
0.05 + 1.12 0.276
0.894 Calculated U-Value of floor (W/m2degC)

We are also in discussion with other industry bodies about bringing forward training such as underfloor heating design. Please email us at if you are interested in completing an underfloor heating design course.

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